Why I Love Yarn

Nestled in the heart of George, lies a very special kind of yarn store called, I love yarn. Under the massive palm trees you can enjoy a delicious cappuccino from our family barista Andre, and our in-house chef Francois, will send your taste buds to heaven with his chocolate adventure, all….. whilst you crochet another row. Every shelf in the store inspires creativity. Vibrant colors and exciting textures will allow your imagination, run wild with ideas. All of our yarn brands have been carefully selected from all over the world as well as locally to provide a wide variety of choice for any yarn enthusiast.








Let’s talk more yarn!

Although we have a wide variety of yarns, there are a few that we really love to celebrate. The natural fibres are amongst our most popular choices when it comes to most versatile uses for hand made products. There are endless possibilities when it comes to any ball of yarn, but when working with a favorite choice… chances are… you are likely going to be very delighted with your end result.

What makes for a real yarn favorite?

In my case it’s most definitely the way the yarn behaves after I have crocheted a particular yarn fabric. Because I spend most of my time making toys my obvious favorite is cotton. Cotton is cotton is cotton…..that was my first thought when I entered into the world of crocheting amigurumi toys…but the more I played in this world of toy making the more I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Nurturing fibres have a twist in their cotton which creates a really interesting stitch. The fabric it creates when using the single stitch is textured in a lovely way…. it compliments the hand-dyed colors very well.



They also have a wide selection of vibrant colors in bamboo yarns that could make your heart melt. The soft luxurious strands glide easily over your crochet hook, and any products created with this yarn will surely be adored.

The fusion blend is in a class of it’s own when it comes to textures. The bright shiny bamboo thread which is wrapped around the softer more subtle shade of cotton enhances the unique texture of each stitch.

Our very own I love yarn bamboo cotton blend is also a preferred favorite for, loads of different patterns. Working with this yarn is heavenly. Like most bamboos it glides over your hook effortlessly, and it comes in so many vibrant colors, it is a definite… must try …for that special pattern you had saved and hadn’t discovered the right yarn for it….most considered projects would love the fabric this yarn can create.

Ok so let’s talk patterns! Wow the choice of wonderfully beautifully written patterns out there is incredible. I am amazed every day at the talented designers who make their mark…from runway fashion to intricate amigurumi toy makers. From all corners of the world we are all communicating through crochet creativity. And here this month we are hosting a crochet amigurumi lesson for creating this lovely little teddy bear made by Ami from Amirumi. You will be supplied with a color combination of your choice in your toy kit, as well as a bag of soft inner stuffing. A pair of safety eyes and safety nose, a printed pattern and a lovely project bag, to keep your teddy safe and organized, a miniature bow tie and button can also be chosen. To finish him off with style.


What about yarn accessories.

We can’t leave this out. I don’t know how many times I have had a pattern ready…found the perfect yarn for a particular project sat down…..ready to begin only to realize, I don’t have the correct hook size!!! Eeek my worst….so many times….I have tried a few projects like this and landed up being mad about the end result…. especially when gauge matters. So when shopping for a new hook….a hook is not a hook is not a hook! Like before that is what I always thought….who ever knew that it could be so very important….I now love the way certain hooks are easier to hold …how some of the new designs are funky as well as functional.



I have discovered one of my new favorites, a 2.5mm clover hook, I have made four toys this year so far using this hook…. Unbelievable to think how the most basic of designs has evolved into what special hooks are available today …who needs basic when you can get absolutely great! Here are some of the most popular hooks in our store. Knitting needles crochet hooks a recent addition to our accessories list is the Tunisian crochet hooks.



Knitt symphony
Some of our favorites for this past last season.
We have Tunisian crochet,

Now…more so than ever before… we are all somehow connecting through a more digitally evolved universe, we are now able to share intricate pattern designs with step by step pictures and videos to ensure project quality.

Creating your own handcrafted items has never been easier. Connecting with others who also spend time on counting and crocheting has never been more fun. We share ideas and passions for certain yarns via social media platforms like Instagram….and wow can you get stuck in there for hours when you start following other crochet designers, and brands…
It’s a serious rabbit whole….follow with caution!

In this lovely crochet community you will find friends who help assist and cherish each others hard work and dedication to making admirable pieces. Memorable pieces made by very dear and special friends of ….I love yarn….thank you for sharing.



For the love of yarn….may each thread and each stitch make, help you to enjoy the entire process of creating exquisite crochet work masterpieces.