7 Useful yarn accessories you possibly didn’t know about.

These are accessories that can make a big impact on the way you complete your projects & enhance your experience.

1. Needle Tip Point Protectors (knitting)

Have you ever had your work slide off your needle before? These needle tip point protectors serve 2 purposes. Not only do they protect your needle tips, but the best thing about these needle tip point protectors are that they prevent your work from sliding off the needle while traveling from place to place.

2. Measuring tape (knitting & Crochet)

This is a retractable measuring tape perfect for measuring your gauge and project. Measuring your work helps you to know that your work is following the pattern correctly. It comes in a indestructible ABS case.

3. Stitch Counting Frame (Knitting)

Have you ever a received a knit needle & the needle size marking has rubbed off or just unsure of the needle size. This tool has punched holes that is specifically used for measuring needle sizes. 

The second purpose for this tool is to check your yarn gauge. A yarn gauge is made for insuring stitch size precision, because people knit with different tensions, which can effect the size outcome being different to the pattern.

4. Knit Blockers
(knitting & Crochet)

Ever wondered why some designers projects look so professional. Their secret is blocking their projects. Knit blockers help you shape your work correctly. The knit blockers is shaped like a comb, which fits between your stitches and helps your project to maintain consistent tension.

5. Yarn cutter
(Knitting & Crochet)

This tool is similar to a stitch counting frame, but can be used to size both knit needles & crochet hooks. If you have crochet hooks which size you are unsure off this tool works perfectly for that. This multitasking tool which is wonderful to travel with on an airplane as it has a yarn cutting blade therefore you won’t require your scissors.

6. Sock blocker (knitting)

This is the most effective method for shaping finished socks into a nice shape. Hand-wash the sock and shape it on the blocker carefully. It will take on the shape of the blocker as it dries. In a variety of sizes, sock blockers are offered. If you use a wooden version, you can steam the sock to shape it instead.

7. Row counter

It comes in the form of a tube that fits over the end of a knitting needle:
change the counter when you complete a row; you may also use it as a clicker, which you “click” each time you finish a row.

row counter

8. Stitch markers

Use these to mark the beginning and end of a panel of stitches, and to identify the end of each row when working in the round. Transfer the marker from the left-hand needle to the right-hand needle as you reach a marker; continue working the row as usual.

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