I Love Yarn

How I Love Yarn found it’s new home in George.

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I Love Yarn formerly founded by Elaine van Wyk was established & built as a reputable business selling natural yarns with many valuable and loyal clients over the past 7 years. After closing it’s doors in Pretoria in March 2019, I Love Yarn maintained an audience of more than 6 000 Likes on Facebook hoping for a chance to one day be reopened.

Meanwhile in George Western Cape a newly renovated old heritage building containing a coffee shop, yarn shop, photography & art studio was in the making. The renovation was done with great passion by Carel & Ronel Swanepoel the owners of Neo Trend Group. They have always been inspired by Property development and great architecture. They love to grab at opportunities they see and spark new ideas from it. So they purchased the heritage building at 33 York street George and decided to live their passion here and being inspired to bring value to the George community.  The employees are valuable assets and each one brings this whole venture to life with their own unique expertise and passion.

A Yarn Boutique was opened beginning 2019, specializing in natural yarns. This was a great combination with the coffee shop as people can knit & crochet while they have a coffee. One of the shop’s regular clients, Avril had the brilliant idea for I Love Yarn to be revived. Avril Pretorius introduced Elaine and Ronel to one another and the mutual love & passion made it an ideal opportunity for I Love Yarn to have new home in George Western Cape.

Ways that I Love Yarn will bring value to all yarn lovers everywhere and to inspire new yarn addicts.

Our focus is to bring you a joyful yarn experience directly to your home.

With a variety of natural yarns & popular brands which are sourced locally & internationally we aim to bring you the texture & colour you need for your next yarn project. Click below to see what we have in stock.

Knowing everything there is to know about fibres is fundamental to our existence. Offering an incredible selection that can be suited for many different patterns and projects is important to us.

It is crucial to us to be knowledgeable about each and every product in our shop. Wool and different kinds of blends of natural yarns have many different kinds of qualities, they may even be constructed differently and therefore they have many different advantages. Our acrylic range was carefully selected to make sure our clients work with a premium quality product.

We are more than willing to assist each client with their unique project.

Our Thoughts…

Now…more so than ever before… we are all somehow connecting through a more digitally evolved universe, we are now able to share intricate pattern designs with step by step pictures and videos to ensure project quality.

Creating your own handcrafted items has never been easier. Connecting with others who also spend time on counting and crocheting has never been more fun. We share ideas and passions for certain yarns via social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram….and wow can you get stuck in there for hours when you start following other crochet designers, and brands…
It’s a serious rabbit whole….follow with caution!

In this lovely crochet community you will find friends who help assist and cherish each others hard work and dedication to making admirable pieces. Memorable pieces made by very dear and special friends of ….I love yarn….thank you for sharing.

May the call for creation inspire each stitch you knit or crochet into creating your exquisite masterpiece with love.