Your Next
Yarn Creation Awaits!

Your Next Yarn Creation Awaits!

buy wool online south africa
buy wool online south africa

Buy Wool Online South Africa

Let creativity shine in your craft with the use of our best-selling local and international yarns available in different colors and textures.

buy wool online south africa

I Love Yarn
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Today, I Love Yarn takes an extra mile to make sure that creators are having a joyful yarn experience even at the comfort of their own homes. Customers can now buy wool online with a wide selection of authentic wool from many popular local and international brands.

Buy Wool Online South Africa

Choose your favourite colours and textures from a wide variety of local and international yarn brands.

Purchase Via Card or Eft

To check out, we accept payments through Visa or Mastercard including Electronic Bank Transfers.

Direct Home Delivery Service

We ensure your yarn packages are delivered by our courier services to the right address within 4-5 working days.

Our Community

I Love Yarn value customers and creators by promoting a harmonious exchange of creativity and experience. Through exciting events, classes, and workshops, we are able to celebrate the skills of our yarn-loving community. With our desire to grow more, we also share our ideas and designs on all of our social media platforms where it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere. Follow us today for more inspiration!


In this platform, we proudly deliver for you the same natural and quality products that our physical store provides. Our ultimate goal is to bring yarn lovers together to celebrate the same passion and express themselves uniquely through the colours and textures of our yarns.