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Heirloom Blanket

In February we like the silliness of hearts and lots of red and pink but most of us crafters show our love by making something for those we really care about. Elaine van Wyk, who is the founding partner of I Love Yarn, makes blankets! She has made many blankets for her children, nephews and nieces (and I can reveal that there is a to do list for quite a few more). The most beautiful of all of her gift blankets is a special one she has made for her husband who is very supportive of her and also our new venture.

It can be a challenge to make something that is masculine enough but also fits in with the general decor of your home. Elaine decided on a simple geometric pattern that is softened significantly by the use of a variety in textures and colours. Apparently the colours were picked with a photo of a Mediterranean landscape as the starting point.

The colours used in the motif of the Heirloom Blanket is combined according to personal taste.

The colours used in the motif of the Heirloom Blanket is combined according to personal taste.

The kit for this blanket can be bought from our online shop. We combined different types of yarn in four colour ways; blues, greens, pinks and peaches. There is approximately 2.3kg yarn in each kit and the pattern with diagram and written instructions. The blanket will be approximately 110cm x 192cm in size. Each blanket made will be truly unique as the colours and yarns are combined according to the personal taste of the maker. This blanket will be passed on and kept in families for generations to come!

Bath Mat Luxury

I honestly never consider that I would write a blog post about about a bath mat. Or that I would want to make one. Until I saw this one:

Bath mat 4

And then I heard that this mat is two years old already, it is washed weekly and lives in a home with a mountain biker. It is the kind of thing you only find in exclusive stores because true luxury is living with useful, necessary items that are truly beautiful and of great quality.

Our Luxury Cotton Bath Mat is made from 100% cotton yarn and in a pattern using stitches with a pleasing textured feel. The kit also comes in a variety of colours with enough yarn to make two mats. It is a project that is easy enough and very satisfying to do as you will use it every day. It is an elegant addition to any bathroom and now available in our online store.