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Sunday Inspiration: Pierre le Riche

We came across this South African artist’s work last week and think this installation work of his is just beautiful.

The Rainbow RoomThe work is called ‘The Rainbow Room’ and is a marriage of yarn bombing and installation art. We love the amazing contrast between the white objects and the brightly coloured yarn (17 km of it!).

Pierre knitted covers for over 150 rugby balls in the colours of the gay pride flag as his works is a playful but critical look at Afrikaner masculinity and homosexuality. Visi magazine published an interesting interview with him for those of you who would like to read more.

Sunday Inspiration: Sophie Digard

Every time I see a Sophie Digard crochet item it takes my breath away. This French designer creates very labour intensive crochet items that are made in Madagascar. Her exquisite small motifs are repeated in a sophisticated colour palette using linens, wool and other natural fibres. She produces mainly scarves but also handbags and smaller items like necklaces. The items she makes will be beautiful and coveted in a hundred years still and that is why she is this week’s inspiration!

Clematis is inspired by the flower and fine linen is used:

Clematis via The French Needle

Clematis via The French Needle

I have a secret love affair with velvet and this scarf uses both velvet and merino wool! Pretty much the perfect combination of fibres for me!

Fifty Fifty via The French Needle

Fifty Fifty via The French Needle

This could be the inspiration for a personal necklace project:

Circle Necklace via Pinterest

Circle Necklace via Pinterest

Lovely fine repetition on this handbag (and we all know how many loose ends there will be with so many colour changes!):

Sophie Digard handbag via Pinterest

Sophie Digard handbag via Pinterest

Also see our Sophie Digard Pinterest board.

Sunday Inspiration: Itoamika Jungjung

We are enormously inspired by the Japanese craft culture. The quality of the yarns, the stylish patterns and the beautifully published craft books that we pore over even though we cannot understand a word of it. There is an attention to detail that can only come from spending time on really mastering your craft. We are also big fans of Itoamika Jungjung for her beautifully crocheted art pieces of plants, flowers and vegetables. It is super fine work using hand dyed yarns to get the colours just right.

ball string leaves 1 cells 1

fern 1 Fine mushrooms 1

leaves 1 madeliefie 1

tiny beets 1 tiny flowers 1

All images from - also see our jungjung pinterest board.