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Crochet for Beginners 3: Magic Ring

Learn the easier technique for starting crochet squares, circles and other motif patterns!

This technique replaces the string of chain stitches closed by a slip stitch to form your starter ring. The biggest advantage of this technique is that it is adjustable and therefore neater! It is also faster  to make and you do not have to pull your work to hide the unsightly bulge caused by the slip stich. Once you’ve learnt this technique it will be your go-to starter! This tutorial is for right-handed crocheters. Ready? Here we go:

1.    Place the yarn across your left hand like this:

2.    Hold the end with your left thumb and wrap the yarn around your index finger from the bottom  of your finger and across the yarn that is lying on top of your index finger:

3.   Use your crochet hook and put it under the bottom thread to hook the top thread and pull it through. Like this:

4. Pull the loop through and twist the hook into the loop (there is a bit of a wrist action to do this!)

5. Chain 3

6. Add trebles (UK terminology) and adjust the size of the ring by pulling the loose end.


7. Add as many trebles as the pattern requires and close the ring with a slip stitch.

 Magic ring 10

Weave away the loose end at the back. Also see the tutorials on Ending Off your work!

Crochet for Beginners 2: Loose Ends

This tutorial follows from our first one in the series; Ending Off. Weaving away the loose ends are very important for a neat end result. Ends can unravel again and will then be too short to work away properly. Our rule for ourselves is to work it away, back and forth, in at least three directions and for a slippery thread such as bamboo, four times in different directions. You must really let the stitches you’ve used, guide you when deciding how to weave away the ends. Let us show you an example:

Loose Ends 3 Loose Ends 4 Loose Ends 5 Loose Ends 6 Loose Ends 7 Loose Ends 8 Loose Ends 9 Loose Ends 10




























Cut the thread after you’ve finished weaving. We try to do the weaving in such a way so that the woven yarn is not visible in the stitches. You should ideally weave through more stitches in a direction than is shown in these pictures. This is the part of crocheting that most people do not particularly enjoy but it is worth doing thoroughly.


Crochet for Beginners 1: Ending off

We have prepared a little photo tutorial to show you how we like to end off our crochet work. We are not in favour of knots as they are visible no matter how carefully you try to position the knot.

What you will need:

  • Yarn Needle
  • Scissors

Step 1: Remove your crochet hook and cut the yarn, leaving a tail of about 8 cm.

 Step 2: Pull the loose end through the last stitch for the loop to become bigger.

Step 3: Pull the loose end free from the last stitch.

Step 4: Pull the thread with the loose end tight and the last stitch down in the same position as the  rest of the final row of stitches.

It is very important to work yarn ends like this away properly using your yarn needle. In the next tutorial we will show you how.