Crochet for Beginners 2: Loose Ends

This tutorial follows from our first one in the series; Ending Off. Weaving away the loose ends are very important for a neat end result. Ends can unravel again and will then be too short to work away properly. Our rule for ourselves is to work it away, back and forth, in at least three directions and for a slippery thread such as bamboo, four times in different directions. You must really let the stitches you’ve used, guide you when deciding how to weave away the ends. Let us show you an example:

Loose Ends 3 Loose Ends 4 Loose Ends 5 Loose Ends 6 Loose Ends 7 Loose Ends 8 Loose Ends 9 Loose Ends 10




























Cut the thread after you’ve finished weaving. We try to do the weaving in such a way so that the woven yarn is not visible in the stitches. You should ideally weave through more stitches in a direction than is shown in these pictures. This is the part of crocheting that most people do not particularly enjoy but it is worth doing thoroughly.